How much horsepower does a 2011 Audi A6 have?

Horsepower Torque
4.2 Prestige 4dr All-wheel Drive quattro Sedan
0-60 Times: 5.5 sec; Quarter Mile: 14.1 sec;
Horsepower: 350hp
Torque: 325Lb-ft
3.0 Premium 4dr All-wheel Drive quattro Sedan
0-60 Times: 6 sec; Quarter Mile: 14.7 sec;
Horsepower: 300hp
Torque: 310Lb-ft
3.0 Premium 4dr All-wheel Drive quattro Avant
0-60 Times: 6.1 sec; Quarter Mile: 14.9 sec;
Horsepower: 300hp
Torque: 310Lb-ft
3.2 Premium 4dr Front-wheel Drive FrontTrak Sedan
0-60 Times: 6.6 sec; Quarter Mile: 15.2 sec;
Horsepower: 265hp
Torque: 243Lb-ft

The hp of each automobile is broadly talked about - one may catch it on TV ads, when studying materials relating to auto subject or simply notice one more banner ad on your street. The A6 was usually recognized for decorating its autos with common options, considering first of all basic safety and comfort. Hence, your respective 2011 A6 will not be the exclusion and the totality of its hp requirements one can freely discover on our site.

A motorist would consider her or his 2011 A6 a high-power automobile only in case the weight will actually be proportionate to its potentiality. This is why the greater hp indicator may talk about higher speeding. And it is rational as long as your A6 will require that much potentiality to accelerate its peculiar weight. Thereby, the group of our automobile experts checked out all the information and facts for 2011 A6 and exhibited them in sane tables. An automobile lover will locate here the hp and weight additionally to other essential features for the A6 efficiency.